Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Years Eve Experiment

Tonights menu will include:

Main Course:
Lobster Thermidor with andouille sausage
4oz cuts fillet mignon with a red wine sauce
1 serving homemade macaroni
1 serving potato hash
1 glass red wine

Adults - Red wine poached pears with mascarpone
Children - Root beer floats with old fashioned root beer and vanilla bean ice cream

I have not witnessed the pair create such succulent combinations before but I had a chance to sniff the fillet mignon while being tied and I was close to attacking the cutting board before my owner pulled me down.  No matter, I am sure that by laying in my usual spot, directly behind the feet of my owner while they cook, I will procure a bite or two before they dine.  If they only knew how the aroma drives me to rash actions.  Oh well, on with the celebration!!!!!