Sunday, January 22, 2012

If every dog has their day, then every human has their dog! (Thank goodness because whatever would they do without me)

Ladies and Gentlemen thank you for your patience.  My caretakers have been extraordinarily occupied with school lately.  This has not allowed me ample time to post.  How affected they would be if they found me blogging on their computer?  It would certainly bring about questions of impropriety that I wish to avoid altogether.  Therefore, I will consolidate all of the recipes that are noteworthy within the last two weeks.  Many thanks to websites such as and for allowing a young pup as myself to develop a wonderful palate that is requisite for culinary enhancement. Hopefully my next post will be succinct but a pup has to do what a pup has to do.  As William Shakespeare should have said, "Once more into the EATS dear friends!  Please look at the wonderful representations and enjoy!!


1) Fettucini and chicken with homemade pasta and thyme garlic biscuits

2) Beer Cheddar soup with mini sourdough bread bowls
(If soup can hide in a bread bowl, then I can hide between a table and a pair of legs)

3) Southern Fried Chicken, Buttermilk Biscuits with honey and Herb Roasted Corn with lemon and cayenne butter

4) Cuban style sandwiches and plantain chips with lemon salt

5) Moroccan style chicken with Couscous and Naan.

6) Steak au Poivre with Spinach salad and bacon vinaigrette

7) Butternut Squash Ravioli with Butternut Squash Soup

(Throw me a bone.  Ok a ravioli will do just fine!)

8) Roasted Chicken with Mashed Sweet Potatoes and Green Bean medley with mushrooms and fried onions.

In closing:  Continue reading, share something with me, and most importantly do not be disheartened if all dishes do not turn out the way you plan.  Your custard may not always set or your pasta dough may be a little too thick but the trial will add experience and experience is part of a much larger recipe, known as Confidence!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

I won't hunt a deer but I will eat its leg. Hypocritical? You Decide.

Could I hunt?  Of course I could, well if it were not for all the luxury that surrounds me but honestly all that I ask is that you use what you gain from hunting your game and the balance of the universe will be kept.  As for me,  I am afraid it is true, I am domesticated to the point that much of my instinct is to stalk the kitchen tile, and lay silent behind my humans partners waiting to pounce on any piece of scrap that falls to it.  But watching my owner cut slits into the deer thigh and stuffing it with garlic, then rubbing it down with vinegar, salt, and parsley was fascinating.  He was even so kind as to give me a final look before it was set in the refrigerator to marinate for a few hours before beginning the cooking process.  Fabulous!!

The female authority, many hours later, prepared the gravy mixture and continued to roast it for about two hours.  The aroma was broadcast to every corner with a sweet smell but not too overpowering for me at least not until they combined all of the food items for their dinner.  Food is an amazing thing, I would encourage you readers to treat your special friend whether they be feline or K-9 to a taste of good protein combinations to reduce the use of processed animal food.  Take it from Watson, a few strips of deer meat will go a long way to a secure a lasting relationship.

This meal was successful, the combination of roasted zucchini, onions, and peppers paired well with the earthly taste of the deer which was perhaps roasted for a few minutes too long but not enough to detract from a sound composition that left the palate satisfied.  The younglings did not have much of a difficult time with the meal either, although the mixed vegetables were substituted with steamed carrots.  Anytime children eat food not presented to them before is without question a great success.

It is not all sunshine on this earthly plate however, the largest complaint being, if you considerate it one, was that the wild rice contained more salt than desired (store bought).  Without anything else to add, I give the dish 2 and 1/2 Paws.

Watson's Bowl:

1: If the site of blood when cleaning an animal is offensive to you then I recommend placing your items in a large bowl under cool running water which allows much of the discard to run off quickly.  Ensure proper drainage then walk away and let the water run for a while letting the most concentrated fluid disperse.  Come back when you are ready and prepare it.

2: If you desire the more natural prospects that are available to us culinary aspirants then trot on over to your local meat market and pick up some deer, rabbit,  or quail and give it a try.  Remember salt, pepper, and garlic will do wonders for any protein you intend to cook.  Just keep a solid eye on it, baste as necessary, and enjoy!!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

I fear, that if we lost Kentucky I would lose a sandwich!!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen I hinted at the possibility last post and to your amazement it has happened.  I present to you the 'Kentucky Hot Brown'!!  If you haven't tried it then get up off your duff and try it.  For those that have I needn't say anything more.  The only addition to the classic was a transition in the bread and a char on the tomatoes as well as including Oaxaca and Gruyere cheeses in the Mornay Sauce.  This was amazing, I quite literally lost all composure especially when you include bacon fat and butter to prepare the bread instead of oil.  Try it!!! Try it!! Try it!!

Do not forge the wrong impression of me because of my enthusiasm about this dish, I am still the composed and humble pup that has been with you for the past few weeks but when I say do something it is important that you try it because I have the sensory super powers that humans dream of.  But if biological superiority cannot convince you, or a sweet disposition, then allow the austerity traits embedded in my breed compel you to my view.  I will not fail you, my friends will not fail you.

I have not travelled to many places but if I had one day left on this planet and given the option of exploring any State in the United States, further sweetened with the luxury of choosing a last dish....I would try all the restaurants in Kentucky that served 'Hot Browns' until the mechanics of nature failed me.  Without question 3 and 3/4 PAWS!!!

There are great things yet to come including a roasted Deer Leg, a link for my favorites (which will include recipes, restaurants, and other inclusions that I drool over), and a section on our site for ordinary recipes that can be easily made extraordinary.  Please join us, comment, and read about my adventures in the kitchen.

Watson is here, upright, witty, clever, and ready to divulge the secrets of a human kitchen.  It is time for me to curl up on a warm cushion so until then let me simply say Goodnight.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Off to Jolly Old England

Tonights dish will be a variation of the Queen's favorite 'fish and chips', ok well maybe not the Queen's but definitely one of mine.

Beer Battered Tilapia with Flat Tire's Amber brew
Chips in the form of thinly sliced baked potato chips
Homemade Tartar Sauce
Rice Pudding with Mascarpone garnished with a cinnamon stick
Shandy (equal parts beer and ginger ale)

The tilapia was filleted, dredged in flour, and set aside to rest for a while.  This was a difficult hump for me because any food item that is left out drives the senses mad but I submit myself to a higher purpose and even greater rewards not to folly on rash actions or instinctual untidiness.  After the filets rested a bit they were coated with batter and drop into the fryer which instantly forced an aroma beyond my wildest K-9 dreams into the local airstream of my home in layman terms, even the crickets drooled over fish this evening.  Once completed they were placed in a pan and immediately placed into the large heating vault for the purpose of keeping them nice and warm for the male figure that would be home soon.  Some guys have all the luck!!

While the fish were being completed the potatoes were prepared along with the sweet tartar sauce and the rice pudding which was still boiling when the male figure came home.  There is nothing more amazing than the smell of battered fish, crispy potatoes, and cinnamon combined into one swirling perfume of culinary delight.  After all I am a dog, to use a crude but direct description of my kind, and my sense of smell is more to me than the feet that you humans walk upon.

It wasn't long after they sat down to dinner before I received my long awaited treat, courtesy of the youngest male figure who often succumbs to my boyish charm and natural finesse.  I had suffered through the great aromas all day long; therefore, I did not bother to taste my food but rather gulped it down without letting my jaw compress.  However, being prudent tenants and law abiding folks I was not allowed to sample the fizzling beer cocktail, the tartar sauce, or the rice pudding.  I witnessed the end result, overstuffed bellies lying helplessly on soft elevated cushions watching strange humans do obscure and humiliating stunts often resulting in painful ends all on what is known to the fat bellies as AFV.

Now for the crowning moment of this experience.  Was it a success or a failure? The dish was simple, I was only able to try one portion of it and I had to wait an exceptional amount of time before I was given the chance to sample the goods on the other paw I devoured the fish in a matter of seconds.  I declare a success and give them TWO PAWS, primarily but not singularly because I hate waiting.

Well I must be off so from me and my gigantic in home cooks I invite you to the next meal which will most likely be a combination of a 'French Toast' and 'Kentucky Hot Brown' so come back, enjoy, and do not be afraid to create your own variation of the dish mentioned here, after all I am not a pure bred and I turned out just fine!!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Dinner is Served!!!!!

They finally completed the meal.

Lobster Thermidor
Fillet Mignon
Panko Crusted Macaroni
Simple Hash

For dessert they enjoyed poached pairs with mascarpone which looked amazing!!  Considering only one side of their kitchen sink was operational, my owner's had never boiled a lobster, and the dessert was more elaborate than anything they had created before all was well.  The plates were devoured, the steak was especially tender and juicy, and I finally enjoyed some lobster.  It was a scene of stuffed bellies and great smiles.  This meal definitely will be logged as a SUCCESS!  I am certain that not all of their experiments will be so but for now the victory goes to the fighting duo.

The rest of the evening was spent with acquaintances ringing in the new year, a few laughs, and perhaps a little too much brandy was served to the male figure but all in all I have no complaints about the overall conduct.   I will not dally much more on this subject but will leave you with a warning, brace yourselves for more postings for there are many more meals and experiences to come in the new year and I have nothing to do but watch them and hope that a morsel or two is tossed my way.   

Here are just a few of the possible upcoming dishes:

Roasted Deer Leg with Wild Rice
Lobster Bisque
Chicken Liver Pate
Brisket (The man figure thinks because he lives in the South he must know how to cook this meat)
Squash Ravioli with Brown Butter Sauce

Keep coming, keep cooking, and your friend Watson will grant you best wishes wherever your chafing dish stands.

Patiently Waiting (but I got to lick the spoon)!!!

They began...and I sit waiting.  I was able prior to this moment to sneak a lick of a wooden spoon covered with lobster filling before I was hastily run out of the kitchen.  This was not long lasting and I returned to my usual spot...The food up to this point smelled delicious and nothing had been plated yet.  You might be asking yourself, "when will he get his chance?", worry not for me because I am as patient as I am aggressive and if I have nothing else I can always nose my way through the trash.