Saturday, February 11, 2012

Tongue Tied?

Well that's right tonight my caretakers dabbled in parts that make most people uneasy, a cow's tongue.  It was simmered with water, onion, garlic, parsley, and a bay leaf.  After about 10 hours it was cooled and set to rest and absorb more flavor.  After a stunning afternoon at IKEA the adults returned home with new and fashionable furniture.  One such item was a butcher block mini island.  This was immediately unwrapped and pieced together, sanitized and prepped for service.  The tongue was removed and thrown into a saute pan with a drop or two of olive oil, onions, tomatoes, garlic, cilantro, salt and a house favorite Sriracha.    
Honestly, I didn't even get a chance at this one.  Let's be honest, given such savory components and placed in their shoes would I have shared even a few morsels with a four legged mongrel?  Answer, no!  Well I hate to be brief but time is limited.  I will sneak in a line or two when I am able.  As I mentioned earlier the level of activity in this household is extreme.  The determination of these two humans and their brood is quite fascinating, never before have I witnessed such physical and mental exertion, brought not on by force but by pure and unequalled hope for their uncharted destiny.

Watson's Bark:

For those that have fallen under the rug of perplexing and unequal times, I raise my paw to you.  For those that have migrated to unthinkable places and unfamiliar packs, I raise my paw to you.  For all righteous and honorable types on a quest of discovery or mere survival, I too, raise my paw to you.  The only advice I can offer is this...Never give up, secure your gangline, and prepare your sled for the worst,  because as of yet we know not what the future beholds, but as a famous R&B musician once said, "I'll See You When You Get There".

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  1. If it can lick me first, I back away....far, far away.