Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Off to Jolly Old England

Tonights dish will be a variation of the Queen's favorite 'fish and chips', ok well maybe not the Queen's but definitely one of mine.

Beer Battered Tilapia with Flat Tire's Amber brew
Chips in the form of thinly sliced baked potato chips
Homemade Tartar Sauce
Rice Pudding with Mascarpone garnished with a cinnamon stick
Shandy (equal parts beer and ginger ale)

The tilapia was filleted, dredged in flour, and set aside to rest for a while.  This was a difficult hump for me because any food item that is left out drives the senses mad but I submit myself to a higher purpose and even greater rewards not to folly on rash actions or instinctual untidiness.  After the filets rested a bit they were coated with batter and drop into the fryer which instantly forced an aroma beyond my wildest K-9 dreams into the local airstream of my home in layman terms, even the crickets drooled over fish this evening.  Once completed they were placed in a pan and immediately placed into the large heating vault for the purpose of keeping them nice and warm for the male figure that would be home soon.  Some guys have all the luck!!

While the fish were being completed the potatoes were prepared along with the sweet tartar sauce and the rice pudding which was still boiling when the male figure came home.  There is nothing more amazing than the smell of battered fish, crispy potatoes, and cinnamon combined into one swirling perfume of culinary delight.  After all I am a dog, to use a crude but direct description of my kind, and my sense of smell is more to me than the feet that you humans walk upon.

It wasn't long after they sat down to dinner before I received my long awaited treat, courtesy of the youngest male figure who often succumbs to my boyish charm and natural finesse.  I had suffered through the great aromas all day long; therefore, I did not bother to taste my food but rather gulped it down without letting my jaw compress.  However, being prudent tenants and law abiding folks I was not allowed to sample the fizzling beer cocktail, the tartar sauce, or the rice pudding.  I witnessed the end result, overstuffed bellies lying helplessly on soft elevated cushions watching strange humans do obscure and humiliating stunts often resulting in painful ends all on what is known to the fat bellies as AFV.

Now for the crowning moment of this experience.  Was it a success or a failure? The dish was simple, I was only able to try one portion of it and I had to wait an exceptional amount of time before I was given the chance to sample the goods on the other paw I devoured the fish in a matter of seconds.  I declare a success and give them TWO PAWS, primarily but not singularly because I hate waiting.

Well I must be off so from me and my gigantic in home cooks I invite you to the next meal which will most likely be a combination of a 'French Toast' and 'Kentucky Hot Brown' so come back, enjoy, and do not be afraid to create your own variation of the dish mentioned here, after all I am not a pure bred and I turned out just fine!!

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