Thursday, January 5, 2012

I fear, that if we lost Kentucky I would lose a sandwich!!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen I hinted at the possibility last post and to your amazement it has happened.  I present to you the 'Kentucky Hot Brown'!!  If you haven't tried it then get up off your duff and try it.  For those that have I needn't say anything more.  The only addition to the classic was a transition in the bread and a char on the tomatoes as well as including Oaxaca and Gruyere cheeses in the Mornay Sauce.  This was amazing, I quite literally lost all composure especially when you include bacon fat and butter to prepare the bread instead of oil.  Try it!!! Try it!! Try it!!

Do not forge the wrong impression of me because of my enthusiasm about this dish, I am still the composed and humble pup that has been with you for the past few weeks but when I say do something it is important that you try it because I have the sensory super powers that humans dream of.  But if biological superiority cannot convince you, or a sweet disposition, then allow the austerity traits embedded in my breed compel you to my view.  I will not fail you, my friends will not fail you.

I have not travelled to many places but if I had one day left on this planet and given the option of exploring any State in the United States, further sweetened with the luxury of choosing a last dish....I would try all the restaurants in Kentucky that served 'Hot Browns' until the mechanics of nature failed me.  Without question 3 and 3/4 PAWS!!!

There are great things yet to come including a roasted Deer Leg, a link for my favorites (which will include recipes, restaurants, and other inclusions that I drool over), and a section on our site for ordinary recipes that can be easily made extraordinary.  Please join us, comment, and read about my adventures in the kitchen.

Watson is here, upright, witty, clever, and ready to divulge the secrets of a human kitchen.  It is time for me to curl up on a warm cushion so until then let me simply say Goodnight.

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