Monday, January 2, 2012

Patiently Waiting (but I got to lick the spoon)!!!

They began...and I sit waiting.  I was able prior to this moment to sneak a lick of a wooden spoon covered with lobster filling before I was hastily run out of the kitchen.  This was not long lasting and I returned to my usual spot...The food up to this point smelled delicious and nothing had been plated yet.  You might be asking yourself, "when will he get his chance?", worry not for me because I am as patient as I am aggressive and if I have nothing else I can always nose my way through the trash.


  1. Watson has gotten so big! What happened to that little ball of energy and mud-caked feet?!

  2. Tell me about it he is MASSIVE! The problem is that the ball of energy and mud-caked feet are still there only MUCH LARGER!